China Research Council of Computer Education in Colleges & Universities, Foreign Affair Committee.
About us - History

Since 2006, the International Conference on Computer Science and Education (ICCSE) has been held in Xiamen, Wuhan, Kaifeng, Nanning, Hefei and Singapore for six sessions. Many internationally renowned experts and IEEE Fellows from the fields of computer, education and control have made brilliant speeches. The visitants and participants include many experts, academics, scientists, technicians and engineers from many well-known domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, researches and enterprises. These make the conference become a good platform for international academic communication. For this reason, the 2008 ICCSE has been listed on "Science meeting on-line" as one of the excellent symposiums, and all the conference report video became the source of " Science meeting on-line” collection.

The wide international influence of ICCSE has facilitated the close cooperation of many international journals. The conference has been and will continue to recommend a considerable proportion of all the manuscripts to IJSC (International Journal of System and Control) and JCP (Journal of Computers). All the hired articles will be indexed by ISTP and will be submitted to the EI retrieval.

5th ICCSE (August 24-27, 2010, Hefei, China)

4th ICCSE (July 25-28, 2009, Guangxi, China)

3rd ICCSE (July 25-28, 2008, Kaifeng, China)

2nd ICCSE (July 25-28, 2007, Wuhan, China)

The 1st meeting of Consultation Committee of ICCSE&CSC at Xiamen, China, July 26, 2006